If you…

November 15, 2006

if you want to see the best impressions of ll cool j, jay-z, dmx, and snoop dog in one person, just go watch this man.

if you’re going to wake up early on Black Friday.

if you like tv and want it commerical free on your computer….select the show you want to watch from here:

The Simpsons – American Dad – Family Guy – Futurama – South Park – Lost – King Of The Hill – My Name Is Earl – The Office(US) – Scrubs – Prison Break – Jackass – That 70s Show – Duck Man – The Chapelle Show – Friends – One Tree Hill – Pimp My Ride – Seinfeld – Dragon Ball Z – Borat – Dawsons Creek – Desperate Housewives – Mind Of Mencia – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – X-Files – Viva La Bam – Rome – Buffy MORE SHOWS COMING!!!!

if you can’t find anything you like above try here orhere or here.

if you have ever wanted to send an email to the future…